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Tear-Trough Filler

If you struggle with dark circles and a lack of volume under the eyes you might crave more of an awake, fresh look. Dermal filler can help to plump the area and reduce dark circles, rejuvenating your appearance quickly and with long-lasting results. 

Hand Filler

The hands can commonly show our age, even when our face looks very youthful. This can be a cause for concern for some people, even causing them to feel shame at showing their hands. If you worry that your hand appearance ages you, we can skilfully apply hand filler to bring back the youthful plumpness and smoothness to the skin. 

Chin Enhancement

Would you like a more defined or prominent chin? Dermal filler can plump that area out, for a more balanced jaw and smile. This can often be done in combination with jawline enhancement to produce a defined and stronger lower face look.

How it works:

The filler is injected directly into the area we are targeting. The volume is created by the dermal filler material, in which we inject and layer into the sites using various techniques. The components of the filler include hyaluronic acid and replicate your skins natural components. Read more dermal fillers work.

The Procedure:

The actual procedure normally takes no longer than 30 minutes. The Dermal Filler injections carefully placed in the site, we wither use injections or a technique with something called a canula for comfort. Its relatively pain-free, and has very little down time. Sometimes the dentist may use some local anaesthetic or numbing gel.

After the procedure:

After the procedure, there are normally some very minor side-effects, there may be some redness, little swelling and tenderness in the regions which normally settles quite quickly. There are relatively low risks of bruising. Normally this lasts 12 months, again dependant on the type of injections you have.

Patient Safety:

Please note this is always at the forefront of our mind. During the consultation appointment, if there are any potential risks, or reasons not to carry out treatment we will inform you. We also use medical-grade, approved products, that are tried and tested, and extremely safe.

Fee Structure

Tear Trough






Jawline Enhancement*


*Jawline Enhancement: 2.0ml £700

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