New Year Dental Resolution? Our Suggestions

Making a few changes in the new year could be helpful for our Eltham patients

So, we are heading towards the end of another year; a year in which most of us probably made resolutions or similar that we haven’t fully acted on. Some things don’t always go to plan of course, for example that new job may not yet have materialised or that hoped-for new relationship begun.

There are some things that we do have more control over though and in today’s blog we are going to offer a few suggestions that we feel could help you improve your oral health in the new year.

Upgrade your dental tools

It is sometimes said that a tradesman is only as good as his tools. There is truth in this when it comes to looking after your teeth as well. Regular brushing with a worn out toothbrush will lack the effect of doing so with one with healthy bristles. Unless you have changed your toothbrush in the last three months you should start the new year with a new one and/or upgrade to an electric toothbrush.

Make sure to mark every three months on your calendar to remind you to replace the brush or brush head. Take a look at your toothpaste too. It should contain fluoride and if it doesn’t you should change it. Also, if you have gum disease then try changing to a good quality one that is aimed at helping that particular problem - our hygienist will be able to help with this.

Quit smoking

This is often on people’s lists but can be a real challenge for some people. We don’t have a magic wand to help at AR Smiles dental clinic, but there is plenty of help and support out there. When you are struggling to quit, remind yourself not only of the heart and lung problems that it can cause but very poor gum health and oral cancers too.

Moderate your alcohol consumption

It may be best to save this until the new year as most of us will probably drink more alcohol than usual over the festive period. Drinking in moderation is fine as long as you look after your teeth well, but too much alcohol can contribute quite heavily to both gum disease and oral cancer. Just keep in mind your consumption when you are out with friends and perhaps alternate with soft drinks in order to help cut down.

Start using dental floss

It seems that this is an area that people really struggle with. Despite the big improvement this simple act can make to our oral health, only around one in five of us currently floss between our teeth.  It can be a little tricky at first but there is plenty of advice available online and our dentists or hygienists are always happy to demonstrate how to do this. Dental floss is cheap and is also a great way to help prevent decay between the teeth as well as gum disease. After a little practice, it is also easy and quick to do.

Watch what you eat and drink

Sugar is the enemy of our teeth (and our waistlines!) We consume far too much of it, often hidden in drinks and convenience foods. Try to cut down your sugar intake and especially where you, for example, suck sweets throughout the day, continually coating your teeth with sugar. Remember too that many high sugar sports drinks are also acidic and can contribute to the wearing away of your tooth enamel.

Commit to regular dental monitoring

This one is very important but also easy to get out of the habit of. While most of our patients do manage to keep their appointment with us, sometimes they may need to be cancelled at the last minute. If this happens, do try to book a new appointment when you cancel in order to avoid forgetting. Once you have missed one, it can be all too easy to fail to get back on track. If you have avoided or cancelled appointments because you suffer from dental anxiety, please talk to us so that we can see what we can do to make your visits as stress free as possible.

And a few ‘optional extras’

While cosmetic dentistry is usually not essential for good oral health, it can make us feel a lot better about ourselves. Crooked or stained teeth, for example, may cause us to shy away from smiling in company because we are embarrassed about them. The cosmetic dentists at AR Smiles are able to offer a number of treatments that can really improve your smile. Why not give us a call in the new year to find out how we can help?

As this will be our last blog of the year, please allow us to take this opportunity to wish all of our Eltham patients a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to seeing you again in 2024.

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