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Dental Bridges Eltham

Reasons for bridges:

Missing teeth
Smile makeovers
Natural feeling replacements
Improve chewing
Improve bite
Unsuitable for implants

Bridges are often a wonderful method to replace missing or lost teeth. There are various types of bridges we can offer, including some which require no drilling! Bridges use the adjacent tooth or teeth, which are next to the missing tooth to replace the space.

Bridges can be fantastic alternative to dentures and implants when done correctly. One of the biggest advantages of bridges is that they are fixed in the mouth, and they are not removable. This means they feel extremely natural, and as comfortable as your natural tooth.

A disadvantage of bridges is that we have to use the surrounding teeth to hold the new tooth. However, if they done well, they can be very minimally invasive. Our dentist will spend the time to ensure that the bridge is well suited to your mouth, and ensure that is it very minimal but respecting the health of your mouth. They will also ensure its highly aesthetic and functional to enable chewing.

Patient Bridges Cases

Bridges - Case 1

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

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