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Crowns & Onlays In Eltham

Reasons for crowns or onlays:

Broken of fractured teeth
Worn teeth
Decayed tooth 
Cracked teeth
Smile improvements
Dental rehabilitations

Dental crowns and onlays are used to repair or strengthen a tooth, protect the remaining natural tooth and maintain your smile aesthetic and structure. They can be made from different materials, tooth coloured or even gold. Your dentist will help go through all the options, risks and benefits before choosing your crown.

Crowns and onlays are extremely important options to help prevent tooth breaks and tooth pain. In today’s society we are seeing higher stress levels, and more tooth grinding. This weakens teeth and leads to fractures teeth. We will often recommend crowns or onlays to prevent these issues and help protect your teeth.

Onlays are a modern form of a crown, which is extremely minimally invasive. They often require much less drilling than crowns and your dentist will often suggest them to help preserve tooth structure and prevent breakages.

Patient Crowns Cases

Crowns - Case 1

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

Crowns - Case 2

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

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