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Comfortable Dentures In Eltham

Dentures are often thought of as unfriendly or unwanted tooth replacements. At AR Smiles, we have the most modern denture technology, which we are proud to use to help patients feel confident and comfortable with the latest prosthodontics.  We offer high-quality dentures in both acrylic and chrome to replace one, multiple or full arches of missing teeth. Denture are removable tooth replacements, and for this reason patients often want bridges or implants. However, at AR Smiles, we ensure we provide the most comfortable and well-fitting dentures, in order to ensure our patients have a great lifestyle, not worrying about missing teeth or inability to chew.

Reasons for Dentures:

Replace teeth
Temporary replacements
Smile improvements 
Improve chewing
Replacement for teeth in cases of gum disease
Reduced cost compared to implants

Our dentists are extremely experienced with dentures, and many of our existing patients have dentures that we look after. Our dentists know how to maintain and care for these patients. We understand the difficulty in making dentures, and that every patients mouth is different, which means every denture is completely different. We always take care to ensure the dentures are comfortable for patients, and we often spend lots of time to ensure they are correct and trouble-free.

Patient Dentures Cases

Dentures - Case 1

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

Dentures - Case 2

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

Reasons for Dentures:

Acrylic Dentures:
Acrylic dentures are made of a base of a plastic material. They are made to comfortably fit your mouth and replace your teeth. The plastic base also has plastic teeth attached to look very natural. These dentures can be adjusted, edited and repaired long term to help fit your mouth. They are commonly used for full dentures or provisional dentures.

Chrome Dentures:
The base of this type of denture is made of a metal material, and it has plastic teeth attached to it. These are often the gold standard treatment for patients, especially when teeth are present. These dentures are very strong, comfortable and are made to look and feel very natural.

Immediate Dentures:
These are made in emergency situations when a patient is desperate to replace a missing tooth. They are often made for front teeth and can be made within just a couple of days to save embarrassing moments of missing front teeth.

The Process

1: Consultation

The dentist will assess your teeth and mouth, and make a plan to decide which denture and plan is best for you

2: Impressions/Moulds:

This normally involves 2 different appointments, one set of initial impressions, and a secondary set taken at a later date with custom built trays for your mouth

3: Try In

This is a practice denture tried in your mouth to test comfort, bite and appearance.

4: Denture Fit

This will be the fitting day of your denture.

3: Review

Your dentist will often arrange review appointments to ensure that your denture is comfortable long term.

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