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Dermal Fillers

Nasolabial Folds

As we age, the folds that come from the side of the nostril down to the side of the mouth when we smile become more prominent. This becomes deep and more creased as we get older. The natural aging process extenuates this crease as fat is lost from the cheeks. By smoothing them out using dermal filler, boosting the volume in the area and smoothing the skin, your look is instantly rejuvenated. The aim is to look younger, fresher and smoother in these regions.

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is where we boost the volume in your cheeks and cheekbones using skilfully applied dermal filler. This is usually done when the volume has been lost through ageing, creating a more hollowed out look. The cheeks naturally over time become sunken and saggy, and this often does depend on the natural positions of your cheekbones. This can also happen after a lot of weight has been lost too. Cheek fillers allow us to restore this cheek position, or create more definition around the cheek according to the individual’s needs. The result is often a more sculpted and defined look, as well as looking younger.

Marionette Lines

We skilfully apply filler to the wrinkles around the corners of the mouth to reduce this common sign of ageing, for a younger appearance. This area generally starts at the corners of the mouth and runs down to the jaw. It increases in depth as we age. We are able to restore the volume here to soften the line and reduce the deep crease with injections of dermal filler.

Lip Enhancement

Bigger, plumper lips are desirable for many patients and can be achieved with the application of dermal filler. These are some of the most common and popular fillers. They can be gently boosted to enhance very thin lips, or plumped further for more of an obvious pout. 

Pebbled Chin

If you have a lot of dimples on the chin that cause a bumpy appearance when you express yourself, facial aesthetic treatment can smooth the area, reducing the appearance of chin dimples. 

How it works:

The injection sites are around the affected site, where there has been a loss of volume. The injections have components including hyaluronic acid which replicate the natural skin components that have been lost or were never there.  Read more about how dermal fillers work.

The Procedure:

The actual procedure normally takes no longer than 30 minutes. The Dermal Filler injections carefully placed directly in the areas affected. Its relatively pain-free, and has very little down time. Sometimes the dentist may use some local anaesthetic or numbing gel.

After the procedure:

After the procedure, there are normally some very minor side-effects, there may be some redness, slight swelling and tenderness in the regions which normally settles quite quickly. There are relatively low risks of bruising. Normally this lasts 9-12 months, again dependant on the type of injections you have.

Patient Safety:

Please note this is always at the forefront of our mind. During the consultation appointment, if there are any potential risks, or reasons not to carry out treatment we will inform you. We also use medical-grade, approved products, that are tried and tested, and extremely safe.

Fee Structure

Nasolabial Fold


Cheek Augmentation


Marionette Line


Filler 1ml*




*Lip Filler: 1ml £375/ 0.5ml £195

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