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Fillings in Eltham

Benefits of fillings:

Fixing broken teeth
Stopping food trapping
Improving chewing 
Preventing pain
Comfort in chewing
Reducing sensitivity

Fillings are treatments which are required to rebuild or repair teeth, especially when they have signs of decay. Generally we do everything we can to try and avoid a filling, however sometimes your dentist will recommend one if there is a definite need. Our dentists are very careful and will carry out the filling with your comfort in mind. They will show you pictures, x-rays and explain the cause and need for a filling. Most often we will use local anaesthetic to numb so any discomfort is minimal throughout. We can offer both amalgam and white composite fillings, depending on your individual taste or needs. 

Patient White fillings Cases

White Fillings - Case 1

 Before Treatment

During Treatment

After Treatment

White Fillings - Case 2

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

White Fillings

White filling are beautiful and tooth coloured fillings. Most patients love these fillings as they are highly aesthetic, strong and minimally invasive. White fillings have the advantage of being able to bond strongly to the tooth which means we can often do minimal drilling. We can also use the white filling material for smile makeovers  and composite bonding.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are made of a various mix of metals. They are strong and can be used for decay and tooth repairs.

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