Protect your teeth!

Mouth Guards In Eltham

Protect teeth
Reduce tooth wear
Relieve jaw and ear pain 
Reduce headaches
Maintain appearance
Bespoke sports protection

Bespoke mouth guards are used to prevent damage or harm your teeth and gums that can occur in a wide range of scenarios.  At AR smiles our dentists have a holistic approach. We are always sure to check your jaw, muscles, sleeping issues and hobbies. In many of these cases we can help you with a variant of a mouthguards, which we make specifically for you. At our clinic, they can be used to help with:

  • Bruxism or Teeth Grinding
  • Sleep Apnoea or Snoring
  • Clenching
  • Protection during sports 
  • TMD (Jaw pain or dysfunction)

Mouth guards are essential tools to help prevent injury or tooth damage, and to relieve pain and enamel wear from tooth grinding. 

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