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Dental Anxiety

Dental treatment for nervous patients IN ELTHAM

Are you scared of visiting the dentist because of dental anxiety or phobia? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many people feel exactly as you do, and the best news is, many people have also overcome their fear of the dentist. 

As it is such a common problem, our entire team has training and experience to help patients get over their phobia. Whether you have some minor worries, or you’re totally overwhelmed at the idea of visiting us, we are here for you. 

AR Smiles is here to help you get the dental treatment you deserve by helping you overcome your dental phobia. 

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety is individual to each and every patient, and we always treat it as such. However, there are some common reasons patients may suffer from dental anxiety such as:

  • Outdated worries about the tools used 
  • Worry treatment will be painful
  • A previous bad dental experience 
  • Hearing about someone else’s bad dental experience
  • Reading about bad dental experiences 
  • Worry about being judged by the dentist
  • The sound of dental instruments


We really do care about you having peace of mind when you visit us. We understand how this anxiety affects you and we get that you need understanding and support about your individual dental phobia journey. 

How AR Smiles Can Help You Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Would you love to get the dental treatment you deserve? Would you like to go to your routine dental appointments without getting worked up and worried weeks in advance? We can help you. 

The first step is to listen. We are here to listen to your individual concerns, experiences and worries. We are here to understand how you feel. This is such an important starting point to then make a plan to help you feel better about the dentist again. Our dentists, nurses and receptions are super friendly, extremely caring, and are always there to help you.

Here are some strategies we may suggest to help you overcome your anxiety:

  • Enabling you to visit the dental clinic at an arranged time for a friendly chat without an examination or any treatment.
  • Explaining the latest tools and treatments and how advanced, and pain free they are.
  • Replacing your negative dental experiences with positive, comfortable experiences.
  • Catering for your personal needs to ensure 100% comfort.
  • Methods to reduce the sound of treatment.

We can provide the help you need to overcome your anxiety, at a comfortable pace for you. There’s no right or wrong route to getting over dental anxiety, but whatever it takes, we can support you and help you past this. We can help you get the dental treatment you deserve without the anxiety that causes you so much distress.  

The team at AR Smiles provide sympathetic care for all patients – please call us today on 020 8856 7759 to see how we can help you.

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