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Teeth Straigtening in Eltham

AR Smiles is pleased to offer specialist orthodontic services for patients who need help with issues such as a misaligned bite, occlusion and teeth overcrowding. 

We have a highly trained, GDC registered, specialist in orthodontics, who can offer a wide range of treatments for adults and children. This wealth of experience will mean that even the most complicated cases can be treated safely within our practice.

With our ethos of gold standard dentistry, the latest technology, and advanced solutions, straight and healthy teeth can be a reality for every patient at AR Smiles, for better overall health and confidence! 

General Orthodontics

AR Smiles offers orthodontic treatment for all ages where the treatment is suitable and is generally associated with straightening irregular or crooked teeth. However, orthodontic treatment can also be used to help with bite correction, jaw alignment and protruding teeth. 

Orthodontic treatment might be needed when:

  • The teeth don’t fit together well when you chew 
  • Your teeth positioning makes it difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean
  • Teeth on one jaw dig into the gums on the opposite jaw
  • Your self-confidence is affected by the position of your teeth
  • You have an underbite, overbite, protruding teeth or crowded teeth
  • You want to improve your smile

Often you, or your child will have been referred to the orthodontist at our clinic by your AR Smiles dentist. You can also request a consultation with the orthodontist directly if you are interested in Invisalign, for example. 

Patient Teeth Straightening Case

Teeth Straightening- Case 1

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

Benefits of orthodontic treatment: 

  • A boost in self-esteem
  • Better oral health
  • Options available for patients of all ages
  • Advanced technology, including discreet options for adults
  • Reduce the risk of prominent teeth being damaged (with protruding issues) 

Our Specialist 

Our lovely specialist, Dr. Gareth Williams, would be happy to see you for a consultation to explore your options of orthodontic treatment. Please follow the below links for more information:

Types of orthodontic treatment:  

Fixed braces – these are the most common type of orthodontic treatment that is seen. They can be either made of metal or ceramic brackets which are square shaped (please see pictures). These “Brackets” are bonded to the teeth, and joined together by a wire. The wire is held on by small modules or loupes. These braces work well to move your teeth into better positions. Many people want more discreet options, therefore we offer ceramic brackets too, which blend with the tooth colour more.

Lingual Braces – these are made from the same components as fixed braces, however they are placed on the inside facing surface of the teeth. By placing them on the reverse surface, they are practically invisible!

Clear aligners such as Invisalign and various other brands -  The aligners are to gently move teeth into place discreetly. The aligners are plastic formed devices which are transparent. The are placed over your teeth, and removed when eating and cleaning. The aligners are custom built for you and often involve placing tooth coloured attachments on your teeth to help push the teeth into better positions.

Other Removable Appliances – can be taken in and out of the mouth and worn to help move teeth especially in children when they are growing to help alter jaw positions.  These are often made of acrylic materials and component such as metal wires and springs.

Children’s Orthodontics

Our orthodontic services stretch to being able to provide comprehensive and thorough treatment for children. We have various options for children, including early or interceptive treatment from ages of 7 to 9.

The majority of children we treat are slightly older, and our orthodontists have extremely thorough knowledge and ability to treatment plan specifically for children as they grow to provide a fantastic smile.

NHS Children’s Orthodontics 

At AR Smile’s we are pleased to offer NHS orthodontic services for suitable patients under the age of 18.  This treatment is available for free for certain children or young adult under the age of 18. There is a very strict guidance as to which cases are allowed to be treated on the NHS. This is known as the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need.  This grades each case from level 1 to 5, from which those cases scored 4 and 5 are definitely eligible for orthodontic treatment.

Teeth that will benefit from orthodontics can often be identified as early as seven years of age, but treatment isn’t usually applied until all the permanent teeth have come through. In some cases earlier intervention is needed and the orthodontist can offer you advice on why earlier treatment is advised. 

If the case isn’t suitable for NHS treatment, we can also offer private options for this treatment, so please ask our team about this.

Patient Teeth Straightening Case

Teeth Straightening - Case 2

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

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