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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is at the heart of what we do here at AR Smiles. With patient education, advice and regular check-ups our goal is to help you maintain a healthy, happy smile year on year!

Our preventative dentistry focuses on you entire dental health and even stretches to your face and anti-aging.

With regards to your teeth, our dentists always favour the preventative approach. This often involves, trying to help with empowering our patients with dental knowledge, to arm them with the correct fuel to maintain their health and protect their teeth lifelong. We will always aim to prevent problems in any way we can.

If we have to carry out treatment on your teeth, we will also favour a minimally invasive approach. This means protecting your teeth and preserving them for as long as possible.

If you do need extra help and advice with cleaning, our hygienists will be pleased to help you with individual advice and care.

Hygienists are trained to prevent and treat gum disease, one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the UK. They professionally clean your teeth and advise you on cleaning your teeth and gums at home between appointments. They can also offer support and advice for specific medications or medical issues that may affect your oral health and cleaning routine. 

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