Why might you need root canal treatment?

Root Canal Treatment In Eltham

Why might you need root canal treatment?

Stop pain
Remove infection
Saving your teeth
Avoid tooth extraction!

Root canal therapy is needed when you have an infection inside the tooth that cannot be treated any other way. We often have to do it as an alternative to taking the tooth out, in order to save the tooth. It enables us to remove all of the infected tissue and replace it with a special dental filling.  If left untreated, the infection in a tooth can spread to the rest of the body and can cause serious illness. 

Root canals have a very bad reputation, however at AR Smiles, our dentist will explain the importance of the treatment. Many people think root canal treatment is painful and difficult; however we will carry it out extremely carefully, to ensure it is pain-free. Our dentists will always thoroughly consent you, which means you will understand the risks and benefits and what is involved.

Root canals are one of the most important treatments to save teeth!

Our dentists will take the time to explain to you what a root canal treatment is more thoroughly during your consultation. We feel it is important that our patients are aware of exactly what is going on in their bodies, and therefore you will be fully consented. The dentists will often carry this out in one longer appointment, or two appointments.

Our dentists and nurses are extremely caring and friendly, and will continue to ensure you are okay through the treatment. This means, during the treatment, we will insure the tooth is completely numb, so you shouldn’t feel any pain.

During the actual procedure of the root canal, the dentist will work to remove the infected nerves of the tooth. By removing the nerves and blood supply, we remove the feeling of pain and infection from the tooth. The roots of the tooth are then filled back up to re-strengthen the tooth after the infection has been removed.

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