Stop worrying about your teeth!

Routine Check-Up

At AR Smiles, we want all of our patients to be comfortable with their teeth, happy with their smiles, and able to chew to allow a smooth life. We don’t like worrying about teeth breaking, not being able to chew and not being able to smile. This all starts at a routine check up!

Have confidence in you teeth!

Prevention of holes
Stop breaking teeth
Prevention of gum disease 
Prevention of pain
Maintenance of healthy mouths
Oral cancer screening
Assessment of children’s teeth
Treatment planning

During a routine check-up

During a routine check-up we will discuss any oral or general health changes we should know about. We will then examine your teeth, gums, oral tissues and jaw, following an oral cancer check. We have an extremely strong ethos for preventative dentistry, in order to ensure we can keep your mouth and teeth healthy for as long as possible.

What happens in the appointment?

  • Each tooth is checked
  • Fillings are checked
  • Assessment of the jaw and muscles
  • Assessment of the tongue and remaining oral structures
  • X-rays may be taken
  • Treatment plans made
  • Advise on prevention of dental problems

These important check-ups are essential to your oral health as they enable us to pick up any problems early. You’ll see us at regular intervals for these appointments and our friendly dentists will educate and enlighten you to ensure we get the best from your teeth!

Our dentists are also highly trained in providing dental care for children. They will educate and if needed treat children of almost any age!

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