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Cosmetic Dentistry in Eltham

AR Smiles has the technology, experience and training to completely transform the way your smile looks, for a fast boost in confidence!

Using treatments including veneers, Invisalign, whitening and composite bonding, we can correct all types of common aesthetic issues. From crooked teeth, to staining, gaps and more, there’s a treatment plan to transform any smile. 

With our help, you can get the bespoke plan that you need for a smile you can truly feel proud of. 

A Plan To Suit Your Needs

Each and every patient is different in their expectations, needs and smile aspirations. For that reason, AR Smiles takes great care to ensure that the first thing we always do when you come to us for a smile assessment is listen. We want to know:

  • What it is about your smile you feel unhappy with
  • What your smile would ideally look like at the end of treatment
  • How you feel about your current smile
  • What treatments you think you may like
  • Medical, dental and lifestyle information that may affect the treatments you are suitable for

Once we have all of this information and we have completed an examination we may need to carry out X-rays or similar diagnostics. We can then provide you with a complete treatment plan to suit your individual needs. There will always be options for you to enhance and restore the way your smile looks. 

Patient Smile Makeover Case

Smile Makeover - Case 1

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

Reasons To Have A Smile Makeover 

Every patient is different in their smile journey. However, there are some common reasons that patients visit us for a smile makeover including:

  • Crooked, chipped or stained teeth 
  • A desire for a more ‘perfect’ smile 
  • A loss of confidence because of the condition of the ‘social six’ teeth
  • Unhappiness with a specific issue, like gappy teeth, or a gummy smile 

Smile Makeover Treatments

Most smile makeover treatment plans will include one or more treatment types such as:

  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Composite bonding
  • Invisalign or other orthodontics 

Often, a cosmetic smile makeover focuses on the symmetry, colour, straightness and condition of the social front teeth. This is because these are the teeth that other people see, which is why our confidence levels can struggle when they don’t look the way we would like. 

When we are focusing on the social teeth only, the process of improvement can be fairly quick and straight-forward in many cases. We can align, whiten and contour the front teeth for a rejuvenated, beautiful smile you can be proud of. 

Smile Makeover Case

Smile Makeover - Case 2

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

Rehabilitative Dentistry

If your smile requires a level of rebuilding because of missing teeth or periodontal issues, AR Smiles also offers rehabilitative dentistry to get your smile back to its optimum level. We can combine treatments like dental implants, crowns and bridges with cosmetic treatments to give you a functional, beautiful smile that renews your confidence and the functionality of your mouth. 

Regardless of your current smile status there is always a treatment plan that will result in you having the beautiful, healthy, happy smile that you truly deserve.

If you are unhappy with your smile and perhaps your confidence is low as a result, then a smile makeover at AR Smiles is really worth considering. Why not call our team today on 020 8856 7759 to arrange a consultation with us to discuss the options? Your new smile journey could just be a few weeks away!

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