Improve your quality of life!

Teeth Grinding

Tension and headaches
Ear pain
Shortened and painful teeth 
Chewing problems
Smiling problems
Loss of self-confidence!

Teeth grinding, clenching and bruxism is one of the most prevalent, and untreated issues in today’s society. With the growing appearance of mental health issues, accompanied by more stress and greater pressures in society, the incidence of grinding is extremely common.

As mentioned above, the primary cause is stress, and it can lead to detrimental effects. It many patients we see, it can really affect their quality of life, leading to pain, eating problems and loss of self-confidence.

Why treat teeth griding?

Stop teeth from breaking, shortening and thinning
Stop pain and tension in your jaw and muscles
Stop sensitivity 
Improve appearance
Improve eating ability

We have various ways of treating teeth grinding which our dentist will go through. Some of the treatments your dentist may advise:

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