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Dental Veneers in Eltham

AR Smiles is delighted to offer you the chance to completely transform your smile with the most modern dental veneers. 

Our veneers are ultra-thin sheets of custom-made ceramic layers fitted to the front of the teeth to correct gaps, chips, staining and other aesthetic dental problems. Our patients love the huge difference the treatment makes to their smile and confidence, with minimally invasive aesthetic veneer treatment. 

If you’re hoping to have a smile to rival any ‘A list’ celebrity, then we recommend considering dental veneers at AR Smiles!

What Are Veneers? 

Veneers can be used for various reasons, and often for aesthetic dental treatment in that their primary role is to improve a person’s smile. They work by covering the front of a prepared tooth with a custom-made porcelain or ceramic layer that is bonded in place using strong dental glue. 

Veneers can be applied to one tooth, or several teeth, depending on the results you need. At out clinic, we ensure we keep our patient's oral health at the forefront of our mind when carrying out our veneer treatments to achieve a safe, but stunning result.

Patient Veneers Cases

Multiple Veneers - Case 1

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

Single Veneer - Case 2

 Before Treatment

After Treatment

Why Consider Veneers at AR Smiles?

Veneers are a very popular treatment at AR Smiles because they are so transformative. They can change the shape, size and shade teeth with minimal preparation and time in the clinic. 

AR Smiles are a unique and special team, which work treating each patient uniquely, and ensuring we provide the best service we can. This means, listening to our patients goals, presenting them with all the options, and full consenting our patients. Our dentists will talk to you and reassure you through the whole smile makeover process, and when our patients choose veneers, we will be sure to uphold these values.

Every patient is different in their reason for wanting veneers. However, what connects each and every patient is the desire for a truly exceptional smile transformation, which is exactly what this treatment offers. 

Common Reasons To Have Veneers:

  • To cover gaps between the teeth where orthodontic work isn’t appropriate or possible 
  • To take provide amazing smile improvements
  • To make a aesthetic improvements to damaged tooth
  • To correct misshapen, chipped or discoloured teeth
  • As a less-invasive alternative to crowns 

The Key Benefits Of Veneers

Veneers do have some benefits over other cosmetic or restorative treatments including:

  • Less natural tooth shape alteration compared to crowns
  • A very natural finish
  • Stain resistant, durable and long-lasting
  • Bespoke shade, shape and size 

For the individual, we often see a huge change in confidence when treatment is completed. Although the aesthetics of the smile are exceptional, the boost in how a person feels after their transformation is priceless! 

The Veneer Treatment Process

Are you struggling with chipped, stained or misaligned teeth which are affecting your smile confidence? If so, please get in touch with the team at AR Smiles to see how precision dental veneers can help!



The first stage in your treatment journey is joining us here at AR Smiles for a consultation. We will listen to your smile concerns, goals and answer any questions you have about veneers or any other dental issue. We will also examine your teeth and gums to check there are no outstanding dental health issues to resolve.

Once we have discussed the full process with you, given you all your options and and answered all of your questions, we will provide you with a treatment plan. This plan will have transparent pricing and a full breakdown of what will happen during your smile transformation with us.


Trial Smile:

This is a very important stage in any aesthetic treatment. At AR Smiles, our patients play and important role in creating their desired smile with our dentists. This will mean our dentists will take lots of pictures of your teeth, and plan with you the new shapes, sizes and positions of your new smile. We will make this provisional smile, and show you digitally and physically inside of your mouth, before carrying out any treatment! This means you can actually see what the veneers will look like, before anything is made! This is a special, and important stage in treatment planning to ensure we can achieve a predictable, but still stunning smile result.


Tooth Preparation:

The next stage of treatment is a preparation process where our highly-experienced dentist gently prepares your teeth, so the veneer can be attached. The surface is roughened to enable the veneers to adhere more effectively. This is done extremely carefully, and safely, with the health of the teeth considered at all times.

Sometimes, a local anaesthetic is applied during this process if required for your comfort; however, it isn’t always necessary.

Once the preparation is complete we will take an impression of your teeth so that the veneer/veneers can be created for you. Temporary veneers are likely to be placed at this time whilst your bespoke veneers are created. 


Try in:

Sometimes for large smile changes, our dentists will recommend a try in stage. This is an important stage, so that the patient and the dentist can see the actual veneers in the mouth before they are permanently fitted. If both the patient and dentist are happy, we can move to the final placement.


Final Veneer Placement:

When your custom veneers are ready we will apply them in clinic and adjust them, ensuring you are happy with the results before they are secured. We will trim and polish them for a precise and natural appearance and to deliver a result you can be proud of!

Once in place, veneers can last a long time with the right care. However, in the unlikely event that damage does occur, we can easily replace them too, so you’ll always be able to maintain that stunning smile.

Are you struggling with chipped, stained or misaligned teeth which are affecting your smile confidence? If so, please get in touch with the team at AR Smiles to see how precision dental veneers can help!

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